Gravity Quest Import/export on Quest from other apps??????



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    Milan Mehta

    Hey Guys, 

    Apologies for my absence in responding to your comments! 

    As of now only OBJ files can be imported/exported to GS on Quest, we are working towards different file formats but unfortunately we have a small product team which are working hard to bring other features to GS. We are always in a constant discussion of the Import/Export feature in GS. 

    @Tim Lee - Due to Quest's hardware limitation 200mb OBJ files will be excessively difficult to process, for this the best versions will be on StemVR with a gaming PC. As far as USB transfer goes, Oculus have not designed the Quest to process Imports/Exports in to apps apart from images, so that's why we have launch Landing Pad as a starter, we will develop this further to become a very strong and easily accessible component of GS. 


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  • A Roos


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  • Tim Lee

    Ive only had limited success with obj files. They dont seem to import with the mtl and png textures. The obj open with all textures in windows 3d viewer but only as plain white solids in gravity sketch. Also it doesnt seem to handle 200mb obj files (just freezes indefinately on import in gravity sketch). Also why cant i just drag and drop files onto the quest via usb. Going through the web interface is really slow and clunky. Dont get me wrong i love the product and resolving these issues would make it a killer engineering/design tool.

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  • Rick Smets

    Same here. Limited succes. I'm an architect and would love to import mij 3d design in this app. I would rate gravity sketch with 3 stars now. But with 5 if my models would keep their textures!

    Hopefully this wil be fixed.

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  • Frostfire5

    On a Samsung android phone 7-9 there are 2 apps that open stl, obj and the other fbx, and they open them for pretty large files.

    They also put them into VR mode for stereo views in a matter of seconds.


    My point is if the oclus quest is android based ( even if a year behind) and Stereo views can be opened in a lot of formats and converted quickly for use on something as dumb as cardboard box 3D VR viewer with the phone, I am not getting why the GS and the Quest are struggling with this.

    Yes I realize there is a difference between  just dynamic viewing and modeling input


    I get that textures as .png. tiff, jps, etc might be coming later  as those can go to 2k and 4k bitmap sizes to cover a lot of polygons.

    In the short term for sculpting and modeling I could live with grey shader models,  but why do there other nickel and dime phone apps handle fbx, stl and obj large files for input but Quest and GS cannot.

    The models open , scale, rotate , zoom , wireframe , shade, create VR views , rotate Shader VR views etc. with no huge trouble think one choked at 1 gig.

    The use of the models even if only for fbx 3D reference would still be useful if you could sketch on the 3D fbx model and then do a Bezier tug on the control point and drag , or and obj.chop


    I think you can chop  some wood on a 100-200 meg decimated or down sized file and still get a decent model


    There are a number of converters and routing an fbx though blender 2.8 and getting and obj is feasible,but thats not the point , GS is supposed to be a next gen app, and it used the right way, it would start the workflow and not need blender or Maya or Unity or 3D max except for rendering or animation , but if we are saying that we need a PC and Steam and other stuff to get this to work, than we might as well just use a PC with VR Masterpiece or Oculus Medium, the use of GS on the Quest becomes a moot point if there are no guidelines to what can be done with sizing imported models for more modeling work.


    GS staff needs to put together a BEST case obj model workflow for an import and show how far the QUest and GS can be pushed so people can gauge  what kind of work can be done, leaving it up to customer guess work is only going to yield negative feedback when people import in more than they can chew.



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  • Frostfire5

    The Quest can be sideloaded for files  all kinds of files, ( that is how you get 3D movies in) and Sketchfab can be brought in the Quest as an app  for VR viewing and you can bring in and import models into the Quest VR lobby as well.


    To date as far as I know Gravity Sketch was the only app that had a chance for modeling so the real question is what can be done , I am convinced there is a pipleline use for this upfront , it is not "THE" Solution, it is part of the solution it will be a few years before a Quest like device is the Solution.

    For now what is probably a low end solutions, is to put Blender 2.8 on a PC with a tablet, and then put the Quest in Desktop mode app , use the Stereoscopic Camera in Blender to create the 3D VR views from Blender , and then export either curves or the obj files into Sketch on the Quest , because you could knock down the polygons in Blender before the obj export.

    Blender can back end the render , rigging and animations and GS would work with the front end between it and the Blender grease pencil.


    Ok so why do this at all why not use GS on the PC and or Blender for Sculpting.......

    For the very same reasons ....everyone carries a cell phone or a tablet and not always a tricked out PC.....


    Portability!!!!!      and the Quest can room size with Guardian to the GS grid, you cannot do that on a flat panel or with a PC app you would be tethered down....the whole point of the Quest


    Set the grid in GS scale to make planes for the room boundaries that synch to the guardian in The Quest ,

    And think conceptually, sure you dont have all those trillions of tris and quads, but you have great model size space you would not get on a PC even with a 4k 85 inch monitor.


    The problem is most of use want GS and the Quest to be a "pull" system for a lot of other "already" models and it is not there yet.......but that doesnt mean it cant be a "push"system even if you have to upscale the mesh in another peice of software later, and you would have to do that, anyway if you wanted all the high end render and 70 frames plus animations with 4 texture maps.


    Think of the whole pipeline and GS and the Quest fit in, just dont expect it be the end all or beginning all, for now it is a piece.

    There are hundreds of computer artists and even zbrush gods, that still start out with a pencil on paper....

     It will catch up , we are all headed in the same direction!



    It will take a few more iterations, it is an android chip issue not a GS or Quest issue.

    We will get there.....


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