Introduction to LandingPad

Introducing LandingPad, the cloud platform designed for a seamless workflow from VR to desktop: manage, view, and share sketches and 3D files through the browser from device, anywhere.

Key features include:

  • Organise and sort files with a comprehensive range of file management features 
  • Upload reference images (PNG & JPG) and reference 3D models (OBJ files) through the browser to use them in app 
  • View and download your sketches, screenshots, and exported models
  • Share files with others members in the LandingPad community!

Simply visit LandingPad and sign up using your email address.  Once signed up, connect your account with Gravity Sketch by launching the application and then log in using the cloud option on the left carousel, once logged in you will be able to Save, Import/Export your Gravity Sketch files. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much storage do we get?

Each user will get 1GB of available storage.

Which file formats can I upload?

As of right now we only support OBJ files, but our team are hard at work to bring .IGES and .FBX exports for the Pro and Studio version of Gravity Sketch. 

Can we share directly from Landing Pad?

Yes, simply select file and then click on the “Share” Icon on the top right corner of the file. Lastly enter the email address and then click send. 

Do I own all my sketches uploaded to Landing Pad?

Yes. Any sketches uploaded to the cloud is solely owned by the user.

With Landing Pad Can I Still Save Locally?

Yes! Our Cloud service is completely optional. Created to simplify access to your content wherever you are. To save your files locally, simply log out of the cloud and start saving your files within your device (Quest only) or within you PC File directory. 


Introduction to LandingPad