What's the difference between Core, Pro and Studio?

Gravity Sketch offers three affordable packages: Core (One-Off), Pro (Monthly) and Studio (Monthly). These three packages can be purchased directly via our Steam Page. 

Core (One-Off) Features:

  • 6 Expansive Creation Tools
  • Image Import (.jpg and .png)
  • Export/Import .OBJ with layers and orientation
  • 4 Layers
  • 4 Environments (Light, Dark, Warehouse, HDR)
  • Basic Workspace Panel
  • Volume Tool
  • Grouping
  • Surface (Tablet) Mode 

Pro (Monthly) Features

  • All Core Features
  • Export as .iges and .fbx
  • 12 Layers
  • Pro Workspace Panel (control lighting, reflections, shadows and color) 
  • Orthographic Viewport Panel
  • Depth of Field Camera effect

Studio (Monthly) Features

  • All Core and Pro Features
  • Gravity Sketch Import Plugin for Rhino (BETA and Windows only)
  • Studio Workspace Panel (Control Lighting, Reflections, Shadows and Color)

*For Enterprise Purchases Please Contact Us on enterprise@gravitysketch.com 



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What's the difference between Core, Pro and Studio?