Gravity Sketch v1.6 - Feature Walkthrough

Grabbing - Now not only can you make the grabber bigger, but now you can reduce the size of the grabber in order to move objects with more precision, as well as providing a much more accuracy when in control point edit mode. 


We've also added in a cool new feature within Control Point Mode where you can make the thickness of your stroke even throughout it's length.


Profiles - With 1.6, we have now introduced Profiles, this feature will allow you to create your own profile and save your tool settings as in when you jump back into Gravity Sketch all your settings and tools will be readily available. 


Stage Floor - One of the biggest features requested by our community has been stage floor. With 1.6 we have brought this request to fruition. Without creating a separate surface, your can choose to have a stage floor within the settings menu. 


Instant Prefab - You can now create a Prefab simply by dropping your sketch geometry into Import Models window. This bakes the mirrored parts so you can edit them individually.


You now have the ability to Import the models via the Prefab menu. 


Surface Screenshot - Another feature requested by our fantastic community, is the ability to take a screenshot and manipulate that screenshot in the scene. 


Gravity Sketch Surface - One of our biggest features of our 1.6 update is the Surface feature. Bridging the gap between traditional design hardware and newer hardware, we have created Surface - With this feature you can sketch in 2d using a Wacom tablet and then jump in to VR to manipulate the sketch in 3D. 


For the full walkthrough, checkout the video below! 



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Gravity Sketch v1.6 - Feature Walkthrough