Gravity Sketch Now Available For Free!

We are excited to announce that Gravity Sketch is officially free on all platforms to all individual users. This move allows us to provide even more people with the creative tool set as well as build up our ecosystem of products starting with LandingPad and iPad.


What is the difference between the core (free) and business versions?

  • Core: The free version of Gravity Sketch contains all of the creation tools that are in the current version of Gravity Sketch available on the app stores. We are also adding in IGES and FBX* export options, which were previously available only to business users. Individuals using the core version of Gravity Sketch will have an individual LandingPad account that they can use to access their files through a browser outside of the software.
  • Business: We provide a range of tailored features, onboarding, training, and support services to business customers alongside their deployment of Gravity Sketch. As part of this, business customers also get a secure organisation wide LandingPad account allowing them to manage user access and permissions, centralise files/content management, expansive storage, and access Co-Creation features for real-time collaboration. 


What does this mean for existing users?

To all you current users, we can’t thank you enough for being part of this journey. You will retain access to all of the features you had before and more to come. We are excited to enter the next phase of development with you; this move to free makes our relationship with you even more important. Your continuous feedback and promotion have helped us make great decisions in the direction and development of the tool. 

Aside from getting access to IGES and FBX* export, Gravity Sketch won’t change that much for you in the near term. However, to thank you, all existing users (and anyone that purchases the app between now and when we go free) will get:

  • 5GB storage on LandingPad (compared to 1GB for free users)
  • ‘Early Adopter’ status on your LandingPad account

Gaining  ‘Early Adopter’ status will yield priority access to future features and services. Throughout the year we plan to build a content library and will be giving you access to bonus content, including additional reference models, example sketches from the community, and early access to certain features. As the platform grows, you will be the first to receive these types of bonuses and your voice will be elevated within the community.

Early Adopters do not need to create a LandingPad account to access the creation tool (it is required for new Free users), however, for the full Gravity Sketch workflow experience across devices we highly recommend signing up!


Get Gravity Sketch for Free from the Steam and Oculus Store, and sign up to LandingPad here



Gravity Sketch Now Available For Free!