Settings for Recording

You can set camera options for recording or streaming in Gravity Sketch. Press [ESC] when in the sketching scene or click on the Gravity Sketch logo on your monitor screen.



A. Smoothed Head Camera: Improves video feed to give a higher quality and better perspective. This option has a huge impact on your hardware resource. Press [F1] on your keyboard to toggle.

B. External Camera: Gives you an external camera perspective. Navigate the view from the desktop with the Mouse and Keyboard. Press [F2] to toggle.

C. Hide Controllers: Hides user interface. [F3] to toggle.


* Drag with right mouse button to rotate the scene.

* Drag with middle mouse button or use [W][A][S][D] keys to move camera perspective.

* Use mouse wheel to zoom in or out.


Tip: [Alt]+[Enter] to enter/exit Fullscreen mode.

Tip: You can grab External Camera and adjust its angle in VR.

Settings for Recording