Menu - Settings

There is a variety of custom options for sketch aid, visibility, or performance on the Settings menu.

A. Mirror: Activate World mirror for symmetrical drawing.

B. Mirror Axis: Show axis on mirror plane.

C. Grid: Turn on 3D grid points which you can snap on.

D. Grid Density: Adjust distance between grid points.

E. Vertical Lock: Lock interaction of sketch allowing you to move and scale vertically.

F. Smooth: Set drawing input smoothness. There are less control points for smoother input.


A. Leftie: Set controllers for the left-handed.

B. Smart Move: Allow linear or rotational grab interaction. See Advanced Interactions for more information.

C. Surface Contours: Show isocurve on surfaces.

D. HQ: Toggle high quality app rendering.

E. Popups: Show tooltip texts.

F. Flashlight: Grab to open Workspace panel. Grab the middle of flashlight to adjust the light direction within your environment.

*Tip: You can move the lantern without changing the direction by grabbing its base handle.


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Menu - Settings