Built In Models

Gravity Sketch provides prefabricated models which you can use as a guide or reference.


A. Reference models: Press buttons on the top to toggle a torso, head, or a car chassis base. These models cannot be edited but they serve as a starting point. Reference models can be aligned to Mirror plane.

B. Rigged mannequins: Joint-adjustable male and female mannequins are supplied by default. They are great for setting a scene and creating a storyline. Grab the mannequin out of the panel, scale and edit.


Import Models

You can import OBJ or GS sketch files and bring custom models to your scene. Place your files into the following directory: My Documents/Gravity Sketch/Import Library


A. Add folder: Create a new folder

Click on the model to load, and pull the model out of the Prefab panel and release onto your scene. You can scale it up or down as you wish. The rest of the options work same as ones on Reference Image menu. To refresh, go to upper folder and return.

**Tip: You can import Gravity Sketch material data with your model by simply placing a paired MTL file in the folder with OBJ.

**Tip: You can place Gravity Sketch save files(ZIP) to Import directory to insert them into current sketch.


Instant Prefabs

Create Prefab simply by dropping your sketch geometry into Import Models window. This bakes the mirrored parts so you can edit them separately.


  1. Grab sketch objects that you want to bake as a Prefab.
  2. Drop it into a blue box on the UI.
  3. Use the popup keyboard to name it.